There is a world of difference between working in the P280 over past Antec models. Wiring everything up is much easier now with multiple wire management holes and a little more room between the motherboard and the side panel. The width of the case also means you have room for any of the tower heatsinks on the market. It also helps that there isn’t a fan on the side panel. Installing our hard drives were easy using the plastic tray system, something that everyone seems to use now. My only complaint really is something I missed when originally going over the interior of the case. Up top, the fan controller sticks out in a way that if you wanted to mount an H100 or 240mm radiator you wouldn’t be able too without smashing it in (the H100 might fit better than a standard 240MM radiator, it is a little smaller). Another issue that we ran into because of the size of the case is getting a molex power connection all the way to the top left corner for the fan controller; it was possible but be sure you have long cables with your power supply. The P280 is somewhere between a mid and full tower case but no matter how you slice it, it’s still not small.

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