The design of the Array R2 is amazingly simple yet very effective. There are no exterior drive bays making the entire front of the case completely clean with just one power button on the front. For airflow both sides of the front panel are vented along with vents on each side panel. Although the design is almost just a box, each of the corners of the case have a nice rounded corner to them giving it a touch of style.

Image 5

Image 6

The case is extremely light and made entirely out of aluminum and black in color. The black color has been anodized on leaving the brushed look of the aluminum; paint would cover up the nice finish.

Image 7

Image 8

The top of the case is one panel held on with six counter sunk screws that have also been anodized. Around back you can see the included power supply that is also black in color. There is a little more ventilation on the rear between the power supply and the rear I/O panel and also on each of the two PCI slots. What is interesting is how large the rear I/O panel looks in this photo due to the size of the case.

Image 9

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #21701 20 Dec 2011 22:03
A Mini ITX Case from Fractal
THUMPer's Avatar
THUMPer replied the topic: #21703 20 Dec 2011 23:16
Wow awesome...To bad I have no use for it now...
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chadkirchner replied the topic: #21706 20 Dec 2011 23:41
Love this case; when I build a server this will be the winner I think!

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