It's also got some installed rubber feet that act as the base for the PSU to help with vibration dampening. Despite having a bit of a channel for wire management, I found that it was a tight fit for everything that I wanted to route through there. If this were a full install, with all the accessories and extra drives, I don't know if they would have all fit in the management channel. I wouldn't call the case spacious, but it isn't the smallest I've ever worked on either. I think it would handle most of the medium to long graphics cards, but the longest ones will likely get a bit tight. The side panels felt a little flimsy, but should stand the test of time as long as you aren't planning on opening the case up once a week.

Case PSU_Mountswm

Case Side_Openwm

Case Side2_Openwm

Case Bottom_PSU_Grillwm


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