Installation into the case is pretty simple. There's a nice sized cutout in the right side for the CPU cooler mounts. The cables for the front panel don't have anywhere to go besides right through the top, internal, 5.25” expansion bay, so if you're planning on using that, be prepared for a tight fit, or some creative wire rerouting. With the exception of the PCI slot blanks, the entire thing is tool-less, so installation of hard drives and optical drives is super easy. The bag of goodies inside has all the standoffs and some extra screws along with a standoff socket for tightening down the standoffs and enough drive rails to mount four more 3.5” drives. The standoff socket is a little unusual in a budget case, so that's an added bonus. Another thing that I noticed that I really liked was that all the blanks are loose. I didn't have to get out a pair of pliers and twist them away from the body of the case. That also means they're replaceable which I like.

Case Open_Installedwm

Case Installed_Frontwm


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