Inside: The Challenger is an all black case, with what is quickly becoming the standard black insides. They've given some thought to dust buildup prevention with included filters for both the front fan and the PSU fan. If you're a fan, like I am, of toolless cases, this one almost fits the bill. The only exception is that the expansion card slots in the back still have the screws to hold them down. Not a huge deal, but you'll still need a screwdriver for your install. They've also included a 2.5” drive adapter caddy for the 3.5” drive bays. There's a bit of a channel in the side, and a couple of rubber grommets in the back for wire management.

Case Toolless_Bayswm

Case Card_Slotswm

Case Included_25_Caddywm

Case Front_Openwm

Case Rear_Fan_Insidewm

Front Fan_Actionwm\Case Front_Fanwm

Case Top_Back_Fanswm

Case Front_Panel_Blankswm

Case Front_Panel_Rearwm

Case Backwm

Outside: The front bezel has some less boxy lines and angles and is a glossy black. The front is a nice looking mesh that gives the case a nice ventilation area while still giving it some sharp looks that are accented by the included blue 120mm LED fan that's mounted behind it. You'll notice, up top, in the now standard front I/O panel, that Rosewill has included two USB 3.0 ports, an audio port, and an eSata port along with some nice brushed aluminum look power and reset buttons and a red HDD status light. The side has a grill with room for two more 120mm fans, and it has a pair of 120mm fans pre-installed in the top rear corner. The bottom has a PSU fan grill.

Case Frontwm

Case Front_Panelwm

Case Installed_Sidewm

Case Top_Fan_Grillwm

Case Rear_Grommetswm


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