Overall, the design of the Elite 371 is pretty solid.  It's painted black all around with silver accents running up the front corners.  It's a budget case, so there aren't a lot of design frills.  You've got a pretty basic box with plenty of openings for fans and a simple front bezel.  All but two of the fan grills also have screens inserted.  Why not the other two?  I'm not sure, but have to assume cost savings.  The front bezel is plastic, but it has a solid feel, and isn't likely to break after you take it off once or twice.  




The front plates for the 5” expansion bays are the twist off, non-replaceable kind, but are hidden behind the bezel, so if you take one off and don't need the bay anymore, it's not going to be noticeable.· The card slots on the back are the same twist and remove type.· Not a huge deal, but inconvenient if you ever cut back on slot usage, or mistakenly take one out.



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