To be honest, the packaging isn't going to excite too many people.  It's a nice shade of cardboard brown with black lettering and graphics.  But, none of you are going to build a computer with the box.  Right?  You'll find line drawing graphic of the case itself on one side with a (very) short list of the features and a much fuller list of features on the opposite side.  The Cooler Master logo and the case model name are prominently featured on all four sides and the top.  Inside, the case is well protected against shipping damage by the standard Styrofoam end caps.  It's also wrapped in plastic.  The box arrived slightly dented with one small puncture hole, but the case traveled well, and had no damage.  The only other thing in the box was a multi-language folded instruction manual for installation.  As any builder is likely to do, I didn't even notice that was there until much later. Also, inside the case, was the standard baggie of accessories; motherboard standoffs, cable adapters, and extra screws.




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