titleCooler Master’s Centurion 5 II is known for being a basic PC case for a standard build, something you would normally use to build your parents PC. It’s also known for being a great value in the budget PC market. When Cooler Master told us they had received a few limited edition red Centurion 5 II’s from Japan, I was more than happen to take one off their hands for a closer look. Will a little extra style bump this up from a budget build case to something you would be proud to show off at LANs? Let’s find out.

Product Name: Cooler Master Centurion 5 II Limited Edition Red

Review Sample Provided by: Cooler Master

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes



Expansion Slots


I/O Panel

USB 2.0 x 2 , eSATA x 1 , MIC x 1 , Audio x 1 (supports HD / AC97 audio)


Body: Steel
Bezel: Aluminum, Mesh and Plastic


Micro-ATX / ATX

Power Supply

Standard ATX PS2 / EPS 12V (optional)


Net Weight: 7.5 kg / 16.5 lbs
Gross Weight: 9.2 kg / 20.28 lbs

Available Color

Black with red interior

Cooling System

Front: 140 x 25 mm Red LED on /off fan x 1 / 1200 RPM / 19 dBA
Rear: 120 mm fan x 1 / 1200 RPM / 17 dBA
Top: 120 / 140 mm fan x 1 (optional)
Side: 120 / 140 mm fan x 2 (optional)

Dimension (W / H / D)

202 x 440 x 485 mm
8.0 x 17.3 x 19.1 inch


2 Years


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THUMPer's Avatar
THUMPer replied the topic: #17047 26 Jul 2011 16:28
its nice. but that design is dated
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #17051 26 Jul 2011 19:18
its not as dated as it is budget. Most low end cases are basic
Wingless92's Avatar
Wingless92 replied the topic: #17056 26 Jul 2011 19:59
This isn't a knock on this case but cases in general.

I want someone to take a poll on how many DVD drives they have in their computer. Do we really need 5 5 1/4 bays? I would think that people would like more HDD space. I know that you can use 5 1/4 bays for many different things and I think that it why we are seeing still a high number of them.

I can see it now, Lesar has 5 DVD drives in his next build that are all IDE. Lol, sorry bud.

The most that I can see is 4 and that is extreme. 2 DVD drives and a reservoir that takes up two spots. Then again unless your burning DVD's constantly then you really only need 1.

I have no idea were i'm going with this but 5 is too many in my book. I wish my 800D only had one and more room for HDD.

I do like the red interior though.
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #17074 27 Jul 2011 00:42
If they got rid of most of the bays you would upset a lot of people who use them for everything else.

I use all of my bays for example. Also a lot of bays help with airflow

THUMPer's Avatar
THUMPer replied the topic: #17079 27 Jul 2011 02:00
my lian li has 3 - 5.25 bays. 1 of those bays had a 3.5 slot conversion. perfect for 1 optical drive and something else.

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