Overall and Final Verdict

I cam in expecting the Blue Yeti X to have Logitech touches all over it but what I ended up finding was just an evolution of the original Yeti and that is a good thing. Blue made their name with the original yeti, basically carving out the USB desktop microphone market. They clearly know what they are doing. The Yeti X improves on the original design with the multi-function controls on the front which add a proper volume/peak indicator which is extremely useful when you are using the microphone. The Yeti X also has a surprising amount of audio patterns to pick from which makes it useful for more than just pure desktop use. I’m used to cardioid and Omni-directional modes being just about it. But the front and back mode is great for interviews or two-person podcasts while still cutting out side noise and the stereo mode is great for music and ASMR. They even have a nice button to flip between the modes, sadly one of my issues with the Yeti X is that they hid it on the back where the main user can’t see it.

The construction of the microphone and its stand is great. The stand is made of extremely this steel which keeps it from moving around at all and the microphone itself is metal as well. I also really like the blacked-out styling a lot more than most of the old Blue Yeti color options. This looks more professional to me. I have the overall microphone size as a downside, for me at least I just can’t have it on my desk at all without it blocking a monitor. That’s a con for any desktop option really, but it has to be mentioned. An arm is obviously the way to go, especially with a noise isolator to also cut out outside noise.

I also had a quirky software issue that I have to point out for anyone who might run into the same problem. If you like to disable audio devices that you don’t use like I do (I don’t need one for every monitor I have installed). Disabling the headphone jack in windows will cause this device to vanish from Logitech G Hub software. The other issue I ran into and the only one that was a major concern was the quality of the micro-USB connection. Ours has failed basically, touching the microphone at all or if the cord moves at all the device disconnects from windows. Which can cause a whole mess of issues if you are using it at the time, even lockup some programs or games. This seems to of been a common issue with the original yeti as well and the new micro-USB connection didn’t seem to fix the issue. I would love to see the switch to a Type-C which I think is a little stronger.

The Blue Yeti X is priced at $169.99 which isn’t exactly cheap but is in line with competing microphones like the Razer Seirēn Elite which is $199, the Audio-Technica AT2020 which is $149, and the Elgato Wav 3 which is $159. You get the Blue sound you expect which is good for a USB microphone, though I do feel an XLR microphone is still the way to go on the even higher end. With COVID availability of the Yeti X and most of the competition is a little hard to come by. This also hasn’t helped the price at all, normally you would at least be able to find a deal from time to time but currently, a deal means just finding one at all.


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