For testing, I have been toying around with the ModMic USB for a while now with it paired up with our Crossfade headphones. I would really love to pair it up with a set of Beyerdynamic DT 990s, they have been on my wish list for a while but every year I haven’t been good enough for Santa to bring them. Even on the Crossfade from V-Moda, the pair works really well together. Especially the aluminum covers on the sides which give lots of mounting space for the ModMic. Anyhow what I have found is that the boom gets the ModMic right out next to your mouth without you having to do the gaming big boom that sticks out and curves out in front to pick everything up. This helps keep them out of the way and I almost never have to mess with them unless I knock them off when I take them off. I can’t find anything to confirm if the magnets are any different than what were used on the ModMic 5 and I can say for sure these aren’t as strong as what was used on the ModMic Wireless, but I also haven’t had the same issues with the microphone falling off like I used to have.  I’ve said it in past ModMic reviews but I would love a few more notches in the mounts to allow you to adjust up and down slightly, but the flexible boom does allow for some adjustment. It’s just, once mounted there is only one way it will work, any of the four other directions the clip will lock-in are directly up in the air, down, or behind your head.

image 16

image 17

Now I couldn’t just leave the testing at that. For actual testing of the two microphones on the ModMic USB I did our standard testing where I record samples of me talking, keyboard usage, and a mouse click, and do the same across a long list of other microphones. My testing included the ModMic 5 and the ModMic Wireless along with wired and wireless gaming headsets I’ve tested recently, a condenser microphone that sits on your desk, the microphone array on the Creative Labs X7, and the microphone on an expensive webcam (Logitech Brio). The goal is to help YOU decide what sounds good. That said I will also toss in my opinion here. I have to say that once again the ModMic is just louder than almost everything else and not in a bad way. Both the uni-directional and omnidirectional microphones sound good, running right with the other ModMics. I don’t really hear the change in frequency response from the 5 to the USB, but they both sound great. You will notice that the unidirectional performance is a little louder now though with that improved SNR. The only gaming headset that is getting even close maybe the Logitech G Pro X but there is still a noticeable difference though. The difference between Uni-directional and omnidirectional modes is really clear when you listen to the keyboard and mouse sounds, they aren’t cut out but they are noticeably louder with the omnidirectional microphone, as you might expect.


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