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One of the unique things about wireless earbuds is that they all come with a case, be it Apple Airpods, a pair of Klipsch T5’s, or the Jaybird Vista’s that I am checking out today. There are “wireless” headphones with a wire between them that don’t have a case, but anything that is in the actual earbud category needs a case. Partially because they would be extremely easy to lose. Similar to how earplugs without a cord between them can be found around job sites. But the cases also double as how they get charged and in most cases, they have their own battery built-in as well to help mitigate the extremely small batteries that true wireless earbuds have.

Well, the case for the Vista’s is compact, it comes in at 74 mm wide, 36.5 mm tall, and 24 mm thick. That is about as wide as a phone, an inch thick and less than an inch and a half tall. Which is easy to tuck into your pocket or if you have them the extra change pocket on some pants. I even think they might fit in a few of the “fake” pockets on women’s pants and I know at least for my wife the case is small enough o easily get lost in her purse. Thankfully though it does have a hook on the end with a rope hooked through it.  The case has a wide and low layout where a pair of Airpods, for example, are tall and skinny. Anyhow the case has the Jaybird logo on it but is otherwise simple. The bottom does have all of the regulatory information printed on it as well which is mostly hidden away.

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You will, however, notice the small LED and Type-C plug on the front. This is also where you will find a small opening where you can open the case up. It is held closed by a magnet and it does a great job, but once you start to open it up the case opens up easy and stays open. Inside the same contrast that the Vista’s packaging had can be found. Jaybird lined the entire inside in that awesome neon yellow/green that reminds me of the late ’80s and early ’90s. The outside of the case has a rubberized finish, which I have been extra vocal lately about how these finishes fail in a sticky mess assuming you don’t wear through them. Which could be an issue in the long term. On the inside the bright interior on the top and bottom is shaped perfectly to fit the two Vista earbuds. Both earbuds are held in place with a magnet as well and you can see that magnet sitting right in between the two charging contact points on each side. The magnet is really strong and pulls the earbuds into place and holds that connection tight. I like that they also have each side labeled with an L and R, but they also won’t fit in the case any other way. Then right in the center there is just one button, this is your sync button. Just opening the case actually powers everything on, including the white light on the center at the front of the case. But the one button will get you set up. Now for charging the Vista’s, the case does have its own battery backup which Jaybird says holds 10 hours of battery power in addition to the 6 hours that the Vista’s have in their own batteries giving a total time of 16 hours away from the plug.

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How the Vista’s themselves are compact but have a lot going on. As you can tell they don’t share the same traditional earbud shape that the Apple Airpods do. These have a more compact design that keeps everything up inside of the ear, even if they are thicker and stick out some. Both earbuds have the Jaybird logo on the outside and the full outside is also a button on each side which by default does play pause with a single click, skips songs with a double click, and pressing and holding turns them off. Each side also has the same Left and Right markings as the carrying case had. The top view shows rubber wings sticking out of the earbuds that hook on to your ear for double the grip and the rubber parts that go into your ear canal have more of a wide flap, not the normal rounded shape. They are also slightly oval as well, which you can see in the second picture. That picture also gives you a look at the charging contact point with the two small contacts and the larger center metal for the magnet to pull the earbuds in tight. The wings also come with a small 2 on them, that is because the Vista’s come with different full rubber covers, not just the normal replacement caps for inside of the ear canal and this is the middle size of three.

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So here are the accessories that the Vista’s come with along with the two earbuds and the carrying/charging case that I already took a look at. They come with a short USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable for plugging in the case. There are also two pairs of replacement Eargels as they call them. This is where things get interesting though. Like I said before, normally it is just the tip that is replaced but by going with a full cover like this Jaybird can do something unique. In addition to the plug size being able to be made smaller or larger, they can also change the shape of the full earbud with these replacement Eargels. That is exactly what they have done. Where the number 2 pair that come preinstalled have a small winglet that hooks into your ear in addition to having the Vistas in your ear canal. There is the number 3 set that has a much larger winglet for if you have a larger ear. Then there is the number 1 set that drops the winglet and has a small nub in its place. You can also buy a full replacement set on their website for $19.99.

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