Most of the box for the Jaybird Vista’s is monochrome with a tiny picture of a runner going over rough terrain but the biggest photo on the front is a large picture of the earbuds themselves. The Vista model name is prominent up in the top left corner as well with their main features listed below including the battery life, sweat and waterproof, sport fit, and a single earbud mode. The interesting thing though is how Jaybird uses the monochrome packaging to highlight their brand down in the bottom corner with a neon yellow/green.  That same branding is around on the back as well along with the same monochromatic images. This time the runner is running across the desert. On the back, they list the same features as before but with more details like the waterproof being IPX7 and they add a few more like fast charging, custom EQ, and that the Vista’s handle both music and calls. This along with the picture of the earbuds on the front cover just about everything you might need to know in a retail store and they also have a small image that shows everything that comes in the packaging as well.

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The packaging has a black box inside that slides out the top once you cut the seals. This has the same Jaybird branding in the corner and a black stripe design on it. It opens up and has the Vista’s featured in their carrying case/charger right up top. The inside of the door mentioned them being designed for athletes, built for adventure which doesn’t exactly fit how you would describe me lol. They also have instructions on how to get started including turning on and connecting the earbuds and what app to look for to gain access to the custom EQ.

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Beyond the Vista earbuds and their case, there were a few other things included in the box. You get some documentation which includes a quick start guide again with more detail than what was on the inside of the box. There is also a manual with more details on the earbuds and things like their warranty and all of the normal safety information. There is also a plastic bag that has all of the accessories. I thought it was interesting that this bag comes sealed and you have to pull the top off. It also has a reclosable part at the top so you can use it to store things like ear inserts that aren’t your size so they aren’t lost which I love. My last pair of wireless earbuds that was a complaint and I ended up having to use a ziplock baggy to not lose them. Now as for all of the accessories I am going to dive into what you get in the next section so I can give them a little more context so be sure to check out the photos and features page.

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