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For performance testing, I haven’t had the Void RGB Elite Wireless in the office as long as I would normally like. But I have been using them for a few days as my main headset. This means I have gotten some game time in but only League of Legends, and while working I have listened to music, watched TV, watched game streams, and moves. This covers most of what I normally like to touch on, except I would have preferred to spend more time in some FPS games with the headset. Having them on while working also means I have had the chance to try out extended sessions for comfort. Starting on the comfort I should point out that I traditionally prefer an over the ear design with a suspension headband. The Void RGB Elite Wireless does cover one of the two.

The oddly shaped earcups are large enough to mostly get around my ears. I did find that no matter what I do for the angle they do touch my ears in multiple spots, a similar side with a round/oval/square shape wouldn’t have had this issue. Thankfully the new thick memory foam on the earcups is nice and the microfiber fabric isn’t abrasive at all so while I would prefer them to not touch my ears, it wasn’t really uncomfortable. This did cause my ears to get a little warmer faster than normal though, but the closed earcup design was going to have that issue either way. The closed design was good for cutting out most of the outside noise, even as I write this on my mechanical keyboard I can only barely hear the clicking when my music is on. Size wise they fit my big head with a lot of expansion left and down near the smallest size they also fit my wife as well.

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As for audio performance, I was actually really happy with the setup. As I expected from the specifications, the Void RGB Elite Wireless can get loud, especially for a wireless headset. I thought that the bass was a little weak, but when turning the volume up it picked up well with a nice thump. If you want that same effect at lower volumes the EQ is available and works well. But for my testing I focus on a flat profile as much as I can. In the end music was good, movies draw you in, and in game coms were clear and easy to hear even with in game audio piping in behind it. The extra frequency response on the high end is noticeable as well, with the high hats in Tupac Changes for example. But I think this also helped in game with pings falling into that same range.

As for the microphone, I prefer to leave that more up to you, the reader. I’ve recorded my amazing voice using the Void RGB Elite Wireless and beyond having to say that long name over and over it went alright. For comparison, I have included a whole variety of things to compare it with including the Arctis 7 which is the best direct comparison for this headset with it being wireless and around the same price range. You will notice that the Void sounds a little quiet, especially with the Logitech directly after it, the G Pro X is in its own class for the microphone, but it is also wired which helps it a lot. Overall I think the Void held its own but I did have one big issue and if you turn up the audio you may pick it up in the opening or the testing section. The microphone was recording a light fuzz off and on when silent and when recording audio. It seems the wireless didn’t leave much room for the microphone side of things after turning up that frequency range on the headphones. Or my sample has a defect in the microphone. Either way I record my direct experience there for what its worth. Overall they are good for coms, but if you were recording audio, say for a youtube video testing microphones between headsets, I might stick with a wired option.

I also wanted to take a look at the RGB lighting and they didn’t really go crazy with it. The Corsair sail which people fought so hard to keep years ago is lit up on each earcup and controllable in the iCue software.

image 18

Lastly, of course, I tested wireless performance. I already mentioned the microphone issue which I think has a 50/50 chance of being a wireless issue. But beyond that my experience with the wireless was solid. The range was good. Most of my testing had it plugged right in next to my desk into my PC but I did get up and walk around the house and didn’t experience any issues. I had the same range that I get for Bluetooth which is through multiple walls into my bathroom with it cutting out if I close that door. Battery life was good as well. Like I said before I only had a few days with the headset, but I did run through two full charges and the 16-hour life seems about right when you have light use. My experience was a little lower, but I had the headphones turned up most of the time with music and videos while working.


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