So the normal yellow and black theme of Corsair peripherals is all still here with the Void RGB Elite only the front of the box has a little more black than normal. So much in fact that there are only touches of yellow up in the corner where they show that this supports the PC and PS4 and down in the bottom corner the description is yellow. You can see the yellow around the edge because the box is yellow on the sides. A large picture of the headset covers the front and gives you a look at what it looks like, with the microphone and the side buttons featured. The model name is in all bold but the font isn’t too in your face and of course the Corsair logo is in the top left corner as well. Beyond that they just have the Discord certification along with a logo showing the iCue software support.

image 1

Around on the back, it is black as well, seriously I promise there is a bunch of yellow on the sides lol. They have a nice specification listing down at the bottom which is repeated across four different languages. Then they have a short product description that touches on the main features like the memory foam earpads, 50mm neodymium drivers, the low latency wireless, and 16-hour battery life. This is also repeated across a few different languages. There is another headset photo, this time from the front that fills in the rest of the space.

image 2

Inside there is a pull-out tray that has the headset. Corsair went with cardboard to keep the headset in place rather than big plastic usage. There is some plastic used where the headband touches and on each side where they have twist-ties holding it in place. Then there is of course plastic on all of the glossy portions of the headset which is most of each of the earcups and the microphone. Up under all of that you do get a few accessories and documentation. You get a small manual and setup guide, a warranty guide, and then a safety and compliance information book. As for the other accessories I will touch on those in the next section along with the headset itself.

image 3

image 4


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