I didn’t really have any expectations going into this. I haven’t worked with Philips in the past and my experience with the Philips brand has been with TVs and other electronics. So I was a little surprised with the bright and cheery green to orange fade on the front of the box for the UpBeat wireless earbuds. The front of the box is simple with its branding with UpBeat in big letters, the Philips brand in the corner with an In-ear note under it. Then they included photos of the earbuds in larger than life-size and then a smaller picture in the bottom corner of the included charging and carrying case with a note next to that that the case gets you an extra 9 hours of playtime.

image 4

Around on the back I was surprised to find a window that shows bot earbuds and part of the carrying case. Normally this type of thing would be on the front or behind a door. The back has a fine print specification listing which is nice. Well, not the font, it is really hard to see, but having specs available at all. Above that they just touch on four key features and repeat each of them across multiple languages. The features are the auto-pairing, wing tips for comfort and a secure fit, the 9 hours of playtime the charging case gets you, and then quality drivers for powerful sound.

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Inside when you pull everything out you have all of the documentation tucked up under the thin plastic tray. You get a quick start guide, one that just says information which is actually filled with contact information for every Philips office, and then a safety and warranty paper that tells you not to blow out your hearing or do anything stupid. Inside the tray itself you, of course, get the two UpBeat SHB2505 earbuds. There is also the carrying case as expected. Then you have a USB charging cable and two different sized earcup replacements to go with the third that is preinstalled.

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