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Now with testing done and having taken a look at the ModMic Wireless to see what it is all about, let’s run through a little the pro’s and con’s and figure out where Antlion Audio’s new microphone fits in the market. So the two previous ModMics I have tested set the performance bar extremely high when it comes to audio quality. The whole point of all of this is to get a great microphone to pair up with a good performing headset and they succeeded at this. The ModMic Wireless is at an advantage when compared to other wireless headsets in that they have the full bandwidth to dedicate towards voice transmission, not sharing between the headphones and the microphone. But in addition to that, they improved performance with an upgraded microphone. It has a better frequency range than the wired ModMic and both the wired and wireless models are well above even some of the best gaming headset options. I tested against the two wireless Arctis headsets and also the Sennheiser Game Zero. Those are all extremely good, significantly better than most other headsets on the market.

But top-notch audio performance was the expectation, where I was really impressed was with some of the wireless aspects like the range and the battery life. I was able to use the ModMic Wireless all over my house without disconnects. As for battery life, I would still like to see more. But 12 hours should keep all but the most dedicated users from having to charge in the middle of use. Then there is the clasp that the ModMic attaches with. This was an issue on previous designs and the heavier wireless design would have been an even bigger issue. But they upgraded the magnets and now the concern is pulling the clasp off of the headset itself if you use it too soon after mounting.

I did have a few issues as well though so there is room for improvement if there is a second revision in the future. The microphone boom was just a touch loose from the base and could make a little noise if shaken by hand. I didn’t have any issue with it when in use, but I also don’t move around a lot. The main issue I had was really with the timing of the power button/pairing mode. Holding the button for 3 seconds turns it off but 5 puts it into pairing mode, that is a small window if you aren’t counting and it was easy to accidentally go into pairing mode and have to resync. The micro-USB charging port wasn’t bad, but I did have a note that Type-C would be easier to use if there is a new version of the ModMic Wireless in the future.

So overall the ModMic Wireless has been great and it is a huge improvement over using a wired ModMic. You get the same great performance that isn’t really matched by any of the gaming headsets and the option to pair it up with a quality pair of headphones which depending on your budget could be ultra high end or a nice budget friendly pair of Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X which are $69.95 and are going to sound better than anything but maybe the high-end gaming headsets. Now I do mention the price of the ModMic Wireless being a con and that is because at $119.95 they are almost twice as much as the ModMic 5 and even more than that when compared to the still available ModMic 4. Nothing else is even attempting to do what the ModMic Wireless is doing so there isn’t much to compare it too. But if you want the best audio quality without fussing with the wires I would still recommend it. But if you are okay with dealing with the wires the ModMic 5 is going to save you a lot of money (but I bet you come back later wanting that wireless goodness).


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