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So with everyone making their own portable speakers, I was happy to find that the SoundTube is mostly unique. The pill like shape is similar to the Beats Pill but they didn’t focus on the pill shape too much. This is more of a tube that can be sat on its side like in the photos below or up on its end. It has a traditional speaker fabric covering the open areas on both sides and there are apparently three color options with that fabric as well but ours is an old school gray. It reminds me a lot of the gray Fender guitar amps have. The main feature is at the end to the right in our photos or the top if you have it sitting vertically. This is the volume control and it wraps all the way around the speaker so you can always get to it quickly.

image 5

image 6

Breaking up the fabric is a line going down the side with the controls on it. This has the Waves Audio branding on the left then in the middle is the NFC logo. This is where you can touch your phone to the device to quickly connect. There is an indoor or outdoor mode button with a pinhole microphone next to it. Then before you get to the volume knob is a power button.

image 7

On the flip side, there is another strip that breaks up the fabric. This one, however, has rubber feet going all the way down it. This is the bottom when you have it sitting horizontally. They slipped in the FCC and CE logos along with the model information as well. Then there is a pull out rubber plug. The plug covers up the Micro-USB connection for charging as well as a 2.5mm audio jack that you can use to directly wire up your audio source. I love the use of micro-USB because most everyone has a charger available and it is nice to have the 2.5mm jack option at least though with it being on the bottom it is hard to get at.

image 8

image 9

The bottom of the SoundTube is actually where we see the first visible speaker. This is the SoundTube’s down firing sub. You can see all around the bottom it has a rubber foot material for when you run it in a vertical mode. This will come in handle when space is an issue, when you want the speaker to be down firing on to a desk or table, and anytime you are using either of the charging or aux inputs.

image 10

The top gives us indicators on both sides for the 360-degree volume control on the sides. It also has indicators that show if you are running in outdoor or indoor mode.

image 11

Here is a shot of the SoundTube in vertical mode. It almost looks like a tall soda can. They actually have photos of it in use in a cup holder in a car so that similarity might be intentional.

image 12


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