It's funny, Sennheiser shipped the Game Zero’s at the same time as the GSP 300’s and when I saw the boxes I assumed the larger box was the Game Zeroes due to their larger overall size. Well, I was completely wrong, the GSP 300’s were actually in a larger box and the Game Zeros shipped in a very compact package. On the outside is has a bright white theme with a light blue stripe along the bottom with their branding on it. The cover has a photo of the Game Zero’s taking up most of the space with the model name up top and the 2-year warranty highlighted in the corner. Then with these being gaming focused they have small icons showing PC, MAC, Mobile, and Console uses over on the left. The back of the box follows the same theme only it has the Game Zero’s blown up, showing the driver inside and with lines pointing out a few other key features.

image 1

image 2

image 3

Opening up the box, well actually sliding off the cover then opening up the box under the cover inside is a carry case. The reason for the small packaging is because the headset ships with the earcups flat inside of a hard carrying case. So the packaging itself doesn’t need extra padding or protection, the case does that for them and you get to keep it.

image 4


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VaporX replied the topic: #38392 14 Jul 2017 20:35
Wish I had this model. I have the original Game Zero that was 150 ohm impedance. This means I need a great onboard sound solution with amp or an external. However it is so worth it the some is fantastic. Like you the price is a turn off, especially since the HyperX Cloud (the original only please) can be found for under half the price. Now lets be clear the Sennheiser has better sound, no doubt, but not enough better to justify 2x pricing.

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