Overall and Final Verdict

Testing out the Razer Hammerhead BT’s was a nice change of pace. It gave me the opportunity to just crank up a few of my favorite albums and get away from my desk. Being wireless I was able to move around the house with my phone in the office playing music. As for the performance, there are still hard limitations with wireless audio devices and The Hammerhead BTs do run into that wall. They sound great for wireless and for most people that will be more than enough. Bass is decent and mids and highs were crisp with enough volume to make you go deaf if needed. Battery life was as promised and good, just enough for the average work day and the Micro-USB charging connection should be easy to find if they need to be charged. The clip/cord design is a good way to make sure you don’t lose the earbuds and it helps make room for a battery big enough to get good life from. I also loved the included carrying case, I’ve spent good money on similar cases for other devices and Razer included the case.

Now the magnet design was okay with a t-shirt but I did find it to be a little weak when used on a collared shirt and if you can’t clip it the weight of the battery does pull on the earbuds. Also, as I mentioned while the audio performance was surprisingly good a wired set would still be a better option unless you need the mobility.

The Hammerhead BTs are going to run you just under $100 and I wouldn’t consider that to be chump change. After shopping around this puts them in between the 25-50 cheap wireless earbuds online and the 200+ for premium brands like Beats or Apple Airports. Notice I said premium brand, not premium products, but that is for another time. Overall if I was on the market for wireless earbuds this is about the range I would be shopping in, you can find a few other well reviewed models at about the same price. I think the Hammerhead BTs are a good buy for wireless earbuds simply because going higher end isn’t going to scale up with performance, especially with the wireless tech itself holding things back. I would still go wired myself, but I’m not exactly very mobile lol.


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