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So the Razer Hammerhead BT’s really stick with the same theme we saw on the packaging and the same look of all Razer products. Everything is blacked out with green accents down the wires. Now you may be wondering why a Bluetooth headset would have wires. Well, the two earbuds connect via a wire down to the controller where the battery is also at. Basically, they wrap around the back of your neck with the small oval controller being down at the bottom of your neckline. This isn’t unheard of when it comes to wireless earbuds, especially if you plan on running with them. This design lets you take them out without losing them and offers a little protection from dropping and losing one if it falls out as well.

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Around on the back of the neckband, the Hammerhead BT’s have a magnetic clip with the Razer logo on it. This can help hold everything in place and the clip also helps give the room to house the battery and the Bluetooth unit. The clip is held on with a piece of rubber and when you open it all up you will find all of the information on the device. All of the certification logos are on the strap and on the unit itself you have the model information and serial number.

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The earbuds themselves are a big step up from the old Morays I have hiding around the office. These have an aluminum shell construction with a textured grip on the outside. Then on the side that goes in your ear they use rubber plugs that are very similar to earplugs with a dual bump design. They include two other sizes for the rubber inserts to make sure it all fits your ear no matter the size. Inside for drivers, Razer went with 10mm drivers with Neodymium magnets. They have a frequency range of 20 Hz - 20kHz, this isn’t too bad for a wireless device and with a sensitivity of 116 they should be decently loud.

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Each of the earbuds also has the Razer triple-headed snake design on them. The snakes also light up with the typical Razer green. They use this lighting to show when the Hammerhead BTs are on or flashing indicates Bluetooth pairing mode.

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For mobile users, you don’t really want to have to dig your phone out to answer a phone call, flip through songs, or to change the volume so they also have an inline controller. It is compatible with both IOS and Android. You just have up and down buttons for volume or tracks then the center button does play/pause or accept/end call. This also has a small built-in microphone. It is omnidirectional and has a very small frequency range of 300 Hz – 3.4 kHz so don’t expect it to sound like your gaming headset or a table microphone. This is simply for voice commands with your phone, recording notes, and talking on the phone. The inline controller is also where we charge the Hammerhead BT as well. It has a flip-out rubber cover that hides a tiny Micro-USB plug so you can charge it using the same cable as some phones or use the tiny cable included with the headphones.

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