The box for the Arctis 7 has a black and gray background with a little orange in the mix. On the front, the main feature is a photo of the headset with the Arctis 7 branding is relatively small letters in comparison. The back is simple as well, it is all black with photos of the headset from a few different angles. There are short descriptions of key features but I did find it odd that four of them are numbered then the rest just aren’t numbered after that.

image 1

image 2

Along with the headset, SteelSeries sent along a few of the different headband styles as well. They come in a transparent bag with just a small sticker on each.

image 3

When you open the headset box up there is a plastic insert inside that helps keep it in place. Going this route is much nicer than twist ties holding the headset down, making it a lot easier to get out from the formed plastic tray the Arctis 7’s sit in. Up under the headset are all of the accessories. You get an information guide and a small paper that asks if you love it. There are three cords included, one is the antenna/USB sound card, the middle is a USB charging cable, and the last is an adapter cable that lets you plug the Arctis 7’s into a standard headphone jack for wired use.

image 4

image 5

image 6

image 7


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