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So going into this one I had extremely high expectations so the GS 300’s were at a disadvantage compared to a normal gaming headset. The last Sennheiser gaming headset I had the chance to test was great and their normal headphones have always been top notch so I went in expecting Sennheiser level of performance. The GSP 300’s ended up meeting that expectation with good performance in a variety of testing situations matching or beating the best normal gaming headsets I’ve tested. That was basically expected, though, so it was the level of comfort that the smaller headphones had that really surprised me. Normally a smaller mostly on-ear design is not comfortable at all for me, but this one gave me no issues, even in extended testing sessions. The great build quality was also a big surprise, normally in this price range there is a little noise when you move them around but the GSP 300’s were rock solid. Beyond that, you get a standard PC connection first, but they also include an adapter for mobile and console use, too many companies have been going with a single pole base with the PC adapter.

As for issues, I didn’t have too many. I really would still prefer a larger earcup design over this, even though this design ended up still being comfortable. I would also prefer a more flat EQ profile, they had a little too much bass boost for my taste.

All in all the GSP 300 ended up being a great headset that didn’t resort to any flashy lighting or “gaming” focused features to try to stand out. You get a comfortable headset, Sennheiser performance on both the headphones and the microphone, and you get the built in volume controls that ended up being very useful. So the GSP 300 is on par with the other top gaming headsets on the market like the Arctis 5 and the Cloud series of headsets. With an MSRP of just under $100 you also aren’t paying a premium for the Sennheiser name when compared to the other top headsets, this is a great wired option that while not a budget priced option, is still in line with normal gaming headphones.


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