The box for the GSP 300’s is relatively unassuming with a white background. They didn’t go for an over the top “gaming” theme like a lot of brands do when they offshoot into gaming. Beyond the mention of gaming in the name and the microphone in the photo on the front this could really be the packaging for any quality headphones at Micro Center or Best Buy. The back of the box pulls the headphones apart and has a few icons showing a few of the key features. There is also a short description over on the left in multiple languages. I’m happy you can actually see what you are buying with real photos on the box, but beyond that, there isn’t too much information to go by.



Inside the box, you will pull out a big plastic clamshell with the headphones inside. It is formed specifically and doesn’t use too much material but seems to protect them very well.



Along with the headphones, they do also include a dual 2.5mm jack to single jack adapter. This is so you can hook up to laptops and mobile devices with a single jack design but the PC specific dual jack design comes first. This is a nice change with a lot of the “gaming” headphones recently going with a single jack with a splitter included. There is also a small manual included for documentation and information on the 2-year warranty that the GSP 300’s come with.




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