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The overall look of the G533’s is a little different than the older G930s and all of the older Logitech headsets. They are similar in size to the old headsets but the outside of the earcups no longer have that signature look, dropping it for a circular shape on the outside of the cup. The brackets that wrap around the cups to attach to the headband are now larger and have a curvy shape. The all black look is a nice change, and they don’t have any fancy lighting. There is just the Logitech G on the earcup at first glance.

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The left earcup is basically where everything is going on and the wireless battery is in the right ear to balance everything out. The left cup has an up and down sliding switch, this is the power switch. Next to it is a round button with a rough texture to it, this is the microphone mute, and there is a wheel down towards the bottom for volume control. Up under the earcup is the charging port and they kept things simple with a micro-USB port, so if you have a phone with the same port you can share the same cord.

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On the Logitech website, they don’t really have much information on the drivers for the G533 but they did put a little more detailed information right on the box. I’m not really sure why they wouldn’t put it on the website. Anyhow the Pro-G drivers in the G533 are 40mm and have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20,000Hz. This is exactly the same as the SteelSeries Arctis 7’s that I would consider to be a direct competitor to the G533. The Impedance is 32 Ohms and they have a Sensitivity of 107dB, this is higher than the Arctis 7’s with higher being better. The earcups are designed to fit around your ears but have an almost square shape that isn’t what you would normally see. The padding has a mesh outer for airflow.

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The headband has the same mesh covering the padding and they went with ¾ of an inch of padding for a nice thick protective layer between the plastic headband and your head. On the top the headband has the Logitech G logo cut into the top with a glossy finish.

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The headband wraps around and has an adjustment on both sides that gives up to an inch and ¾ each side in expandability. This means the headset should be able to fit small and large heads correctly. The earcups have a side to side pivot that can rotate and lay flat and then an up and down pivot with a shorter range.

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The microphone design is completely different as well. Past Logitech headsets had that solid flip down microphone, the new design is half sold and it still flips up and down, muting the microphone when you flip it up. But at the end, the microphone does now pull out about an inch and has flex in that area. The microphone itself is also a new design. It is still a pressure gradient electret condenser microphone like in the past but the new design has a built-in pop filter as you can see in the photo below. The frequency response doesn’t go as low as the old G930 but does have a higher range than the Arctis 7, they don’t list a sensitivity, though. There is a red LED under the surface just behind the pop filter that turns on anytime you have the microphone muted.

image 19

Being wireless you are going to need a way to keep the G533 charged and Logitech does include a 2-meter-long Micro-USB charging cable. Nothing fancy here, but all you need to get the job done.

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The wireless dongle for the G533 isn’t really what I would consider small at all, it is just over 2 inches long not counting the plug area so it is going to stick out of whatever you have it plugged into. There is a round textured area on the back to make it easier to grip but it is otherwise glossy. They also slipped the Logitech G on this one as well. Logitech advertises the wireless for the G533 to be Lossless Digital Audio and it has a 15-meter range. They specifically mention it being good in noisy EMI environments as well, something I had a problem with on the G930 and our office is one of the worst for EMI so I will be putting that to the test for sure.

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