For the packaging of both the Siberia 200 and the Apex M500 you can really see SteelSeries’ theme when you have them all sitting next to each other. Both packages have a multi shade grey background with an orange stripe over on the right side. Above the stripe is the SteelSeries logo and below they have the product name and a short description of what the product is in two different languages. The cover also has a large photo of the product across it, taking up most of the space. Over on the bottom left for the Apex M500 they also slipped in ribbons that show that the keyboard uses genuine Cherry MX switches as well as one about the blue backlighting. For the Siberia 200 that same set of ribbons is over on the bottom right side and one highlights what color edition it is, in our case it is the Forge Red and they also show that the headset works on Windows as well as Mac. I’m surpassed they also didn’t include Mobile and the PS4 as well considering it supports those too.

image 1

image 2

image 25

The back of the Apex M500 box has another large photo of the keyboard in the middle. Then up in the top left corner there is a photo of the Cherry Red switch as that is the only switch option on the M500. Over on the right they mention the software and have a small photo.

image 3

The back of the Siberia 200 box also has another photo of the headset. Around it they have lines going from short descriptions to the location of the feature to highlight what sets the headset apart.

image 26

Inside the Apex M500 box the keyboard comes wrapped up in plastic and with cardboard up top keeping it snug. The cord is wrapped up and tucked into the folded cardboard and under everything in a small bag with a one-page quick start guide and a few SteelSeries stickers in black and white.

image 4

image 5

Inside the Siberia 200 box the headset sits in a molded plastic tray with felt glued too it. The headset has plastic stickers in a few key rubbing areas as well to protect the finish during shipping. Up under the tray you get a dual headphone jack to single jack adapter for the PS4 and for mobile use. There is also a small quick start guide and black and white stickers just like the M500.

image 23

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37932 01 Jun 2016 14:19
Today we go back into the past a little with SteelSeries to check out the Siberia 200's that are basically a slightly refreshed Siberia v2 and the new Apex M500 that goes back to their roots.

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