Right off the bat I was shocked at the size of the box for the E5. When I took a look at the E1 the box was tiny in comparison to the E5. The space did give Sound Blaster plenty of room to put a large photo of the e5 on the cover along with a large E5 on the cover. Down along the bottom we have a whole list of small badges that highlight the E5’s features. On the back of the packaging there is another photo of the E5 but trhis time with lines pointing out some of its features and a few images that help show how you use the E5. Down along the bottom of the back they also include a picture of the other end of the E5 as well as a list of all of the connection options.

image 1

image 2

Sound Blaster hast a few stickers that keep the top flapped closed. Once you cut them the cover is kept closed by magnets. When you open everything up the E5 sits in a formed tray with a soft velvet coating. Up under the tray you can also find a warranty page and a user guide.

image 3

image 4


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36205 28 Jan 2015 19:52
Hey everyone, today I take a look at a portable Digital Audio Converter from Sound Blaster called the E5.

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