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So going into this review I mentioned that I had extremely high expectations, so forgive me if I was a little harsh on the Siberia V3’s throughout the review. Before testing the headset out I was a little disappointed in the new design because it feels a little cheap when compared to the Siberia V2. Part of that is due to the headset being more flexible but also because of them dropping the metal mesh on the earcups for a plastic panel with holes in it. The new headband design looks cheaper without the end pieces on each end as well, on top of that the square end are a little pointy. Ironically, when I actually started testing the headset I found that the new lighter design really helps in the comfort department and the audio performance was a nice improvement over the originals.

The Siberia V3 may be a slight step down aesthetically, but when it comes to actual performance it is a nice step up. The larger internal capacity earcups combined with the loss of the open air design really stepped up the audio, especially the bass. The new microphone works extremely well and like I already mentioned the lighter design and new earcup foam make the Siberia V3 very comfortable.

I don’t like that the headset feels a little less refined but the flexibility that I originally had a problem with ended up being a good thing. If SteelSeries were to add the mesh back over the earcups and round off the corner on the headband, I really don’t think I would have too much to complain about with the V3. Most importantly, it is a great performing headset. I’m going to give our recommended award because I do think everyone will love the headset but it missed out on the top honors simply because I feel like they did miss a few things that made the Siberia V2 such a great headset. At just under $100 you might still find Siberia V2’s on sale to be a better value for a while, hopefully we see V3’s popping up at similar prices to what the V2’s did in the near future. 


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35803 28 Oct 2014 20:32
The Siberia V2 is an extremely popular headset at our events and the V3 has been a long time coming. Today I finally have the chance to check it out and see if it lives up to the high standards that the Siberia V2 set.
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Nightwind replied the topic: #35915 28 Nov 2014 18:26
First of all, just discovered this page and I like it.. :) Thanks for the detailed reviews with personal comments on all the little things along with the more obvious stuff. (I also love the fact that you test your headsets on both big head and small head use-cases. :laugh: Definitely relevant for me+bf.)

I checked out the review both on this V3 and on the Elite Prism since I absolutely love my V2 and been using it for years, sometimes for full-day gaming without much of a break.
So, I was happy to see you comparing the V2 and V3 but what I missed is some words about how the V3 compares to the Elite Prism. Comfortwise and audiowise is what I'm curious about!
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35916 28 Nov 2014 18:36
Hey there, thanks for the kind words. I'm a little swamped trying to catch up after a busy holiday week so I can't go to in depth. But the short version. They are both nice headsets. While I do like a lot about the Elite Prism, its comfort/performance isn't a huge improvement over the v3's. When you consider how much more they cost I don't think its really worth the additional cost.

What you do get with the Elite Prism over the v3 is the tangle free cable, built in volume controls, and they use a little higher quality materials (aluminum headband, softer leather on earcups).
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Nightwind replied the topic: #35917 28 Nov 2014 20:24
Thanks a lot for the really quick reply!
I was worried it might actually be *less* comfy or have less good sound, but then I guess it's more a question of how much the little bit of extra comfort is worth to me. That plus the little things like the volume control and the cool looks might actually win me over in the end - will see. :D
Thanks a lot for the info! Very helpful. :)

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