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Let’s be honest, the original Siberia Elite came in needing to really perform considering the popularity of the Siberia V2’s, In the end I wasn’t really impressed with the comfort and audio performance. There really are only two things that a headset needs to do well and it underperformed. SteelSeries took this into account when moving to the Siberia Elite Prism. As you saw in the previous section, they opened up the earcups to try to fix the comfort issues. They also swapped out the microphone to a smaller more flexible model and I’m told they worked on the USB sound card slightly to work on the sound. After getting the photos of the Elite Prism, I spent a lot of time using them when working, gaming, and even while watching the LCS Worlds group stages this past week. The reason I spent so much time was because my initial impressions of the Elite Prisms showed a big improvement in comfort, but small issues would become big issues during extended use.

In the end I found the changes were enough to fix the discomfort issues that I ran into with the originals. Now that the earcups fit me properly I was able to keep them on for hours at a time without any issues. I did notice that my ears warmed up more when my office got a little warm, this is an issue for most headsets for me but it was slightly more of an issue this time around due to the larger earcups. So my next concern was did the changes change the comfort levels for people with smaller heads. Remember my wife found the originals to be comfortable when I didn’t. I had her try these without any issues once again. All in all I was very happy with the changes! I wouldn’t say that the Siberia Elite Prisms are worlds above the extremely comfortable Siberia V2’s, but the thicker earcups are nicer making them a nice improvement.

image 21

Moving to the audio testing, as I mentioned before I used the Elite Prisms while gaming, watching TV, and also for music while working. When testing I flipped between the USB sound card and also using my own sound card via the audio jack. The original Elite had distortion issues when using the USB sound card and turning it all the way up. I can confirm I didn’t run into this issue at all during my testing. I did however notice like before that there is a fairly large difference in potential volume levels between the USB sound card and hooking directly to my PC. While the sound performance is now great with the USB sound card, I think they still have the overall volume limited to prevent the distortion from happening. Honestly the levels that you can get are most likely great for most people, it was only when I really wanted to crank things up I switched over to the analog connection. So in the end the audio performance has improved, but the USB Sound card is holding the Elite Prism back. Maybe in the future SteelSeries will consider using a DAC or something similar for a collector’s edition.

Let’s also not forget that SteelSeries also changed the microphone this time around. Spec wise the original microphone was actually really kickass and in order for them to make the design smaller and flexible (the original was very inflexible because of its thickness) they moved to the microphone from the 9H. So what did that mean spec wise? Well for frequency range we went from 75 – 16000 Hz to 11 – 10000 Hz and sensitivity went from -38 dB to -44 dB. So all around this was a drop in performance. How does that translate into real world performance? Frankly not as much as you would think. I basically only use my microphone to make phone calls, skype calls, and to talk to my team when gaming. In all of those situations, the lowered performance microphone is still more than enough to do exactly that. In fact, I still had to turn the microphone volume down because no one wants to listen to me banging away on my keyboard and breathing heavy when gaming. So while I do wish the Elite Prism still had the awesome microphone that was on the original, I will take the thinner design that actually moves and stays where I put it anyday!


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35727 30 Sep 2014 10:46
Today SteelSeries introduced a completely new Siberia product line. The first in a series of reviews is the Siberia Elite Prism. Expect to see the Siberia RAW Prism later this week and the Siberia V3 reviews in the near future as well.
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Gyzar replied the topic: #35763 15 Oct 2014 04:07

Up until two weeks ago I had a SteelSeries 9H headset, but was forced to send it back to the factory because of a complete microphone failure. Now SteelSeries is saying a replacement 9H is unavailable, and has offered to replace my headset with a Siberia Elite Prism. I have a severe hearing loss, and had trouble with the 9H volume because I was unable to wear my hearing aids while using the 9H's. You mentioned in your review the Siberia Elite Prism has a higher db output (120db) than the 9H, and that the ear cups were larger (2 3/8" versus 2" on the 9H). Given these differences would you say the Elite Prism would meet my special needs better than the 9H.

Thanks, Gyzar
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35764 15 Oct 2014 04:40
They should work for your needs, if you need more volume you can drop the USB sound card and hook them up directly.

I think you are getting a good deal here though, worse case if you aren't happy with them you could most likely sell them and buy another 9H on amazon. There are listed for almost half the price of the Siberia Elite Prism currently
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35765 15 Oct 2014 04:42
Also if they don't work out for you, get in contact with me. I will do my best to make sure it gets to the right person to find something that will work for you
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Gyzar replied the topic: #35766 15 Oct 2014 14:34
Thanks. I appreciate the input. Also, I've got to say you write the most comprehensive reviews I've ever read anywhere. Great stuff with pictures that answer any question I'd ever have about a product.
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35767 15 Oct 2014 21:42
I really appreciate the feedback and the kind words. I tend to get a little self conscious and always think I need to improve on the writing. As for the photos, that is one of the biggest parts of the review to me. The goal is to show every aspect because I don't know how many times I've been shopping for something and I needed to see a specific angle and just couldn't find it.

If anyone ever needs me to take another picture of something after a review is published I will always do my best to accommodate, assuming I didn't have to send the product back.

On a related note, the standard Siberia V3's came in this week. About to get photos and will be testing them out over the weekend at a LAN.

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