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If you have seen the G930 or the G93 you will recognize the overall shape and styling of the G430. Beyond the new G logo and the blue trim on the earcups the shape is the same as their other headsets. Most manufactures go with a round earcup or sometimes a rectangle shape. Logitech’s earcup design is very unique but if you think about the shape of an ear with the ear lobe hanging down their design makes sense.

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To keep your head from hurting while you wear the G430 Logitech put just under an inch of padding on the top. The padding is wrapped up in a bright blue fabric/mesh combination.

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The blue earcups match the blue used on the headband of the G430 and really catch your eye. Logitech used a fabric/mesh combination that is soft and breaths more than a leather or faux leather. This is a little different than what they used on the G930, most likely to save on costs slightly, but I’m happy with the material.

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The G430’s microphone swings down just like the G930’s headset. The microphone is fairly solid with only a slight amount of flex in it. This can take a little adjustment for someone like me who is used to the flexible microphone booms from companies like SteelSeries.

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The G430’s cord stands out compared to everything else on the market because they color matched it to the same blue used on the earcups. Built inline you also get a small clip on controller that has a volume knob on the side and a microphone mute switch. The cord comes with a built in Velcro cord tie for keeping things tidy. The microphone and headphone jacks are fairly standard but the pink and green coloring on each is a little muted, I found them hard to spot without having to look closely.

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If you would prefer the G430 to be a USB headset Logitech did leave you the option with a USB sound card. Having the option but not being forced is great for someone like me who might need to hook their headset up to different devices. A good example of this would be using USB on your PC but the standard headphone and microphone jacks on your laptop and tablet. The adapter handles both the headphone jack as well as the microphone. Logitech labeled both on the top of the sound card, but surprisingly didn’t color code them as well.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #34330 04 Mar 2014 19:12
With the lan in under a week, a few of you might need a headset. Take a look at the G430 to see what Logitechs new headset has to offer.

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