Overall and Final Verdict

For its entry level price tag the Ceres 500 sure brings a lot to the table. Being able to serve well as both a gaming headset for PC and consoles is something I specifically came to appreciate with my gaming PC and PS3 both sharing real estate on my desk. The sound quality is acceptable and the microphone is a much more robust piece than the 300's piece. The headset fits snugly on your head without a feeling of pressure

For all its versatility there are a few flaws present in the 500, the first being the requirement for a powered USB connection to operate. This is mostly due to the included amp but it means that while the inline 3.5 mm connection could be used with even phones or other media players that most will ignore this functionality simply because of power requirements. The other flaw is the way the headset handles extreme bass, that is, not well. This can probably be attributed to the included amplifier as well and is noticeable in more media orientated applications such as music or movie watching.

The Ceres 500's are a capable and versatile gaming headset that provides quality sound for both PC and console gaming at a very competitive price point. That said, they fall short as a dedicated media headset do to issues with bass and the necessity for a working USB port to operate. If you are in the market for a headset that can handle both your console and PC gaming habits then give the Ceres 500 a look but if you desire a more media based performance I would suggest looking elsewhere.


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Author: William
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