Performance, Audio Quality, and Comfort

There are a few aspects that play a big role in performance, specifically comfort and audio quality. Beyond that there are other aspects to the user experience like wireless lag, battery life, and ease of use that play a role in performance. Starting with comfort let’s take a look at how the H Wireless performed. In the previous section there were two things I didn’t touch on, saving them for the comfort section. The H Wireless has somewhere between a half inch and ¾ of an inch of padding on the top band. Typically I prefer a suspension design for comfort because designs like this can cause discomfort over long periods of time. The H Wireless was actually comfortable to me, even over longer periods of time. The large earcups that go completely around your ears helped a lot with this as well. I mentioned the headsets flexibility in the previous section; it also played a role in comfort. Being able to pull an ear cup off my ear to listen to people in the room wasn’t a problem at all.

image 17

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When it came to testing audio quality I spent time gaming with friends and also listing to music and movies to see how they performed in different day to day uses. As someone who loved to put on music when working and then use the same headset for gaming it is important to me to get good performance in both. In game the H Wireless’s sounded great, especially in Battlefield 4 where I was really drawn into the gunfire and explosions. In music testing I felt that the H Wireless sounded good but was a little lacking in low end bass punch but they did make up for it with crisp highs. I was able to tune a little of the bass back in with the EQ but there was still a little punch missing when listing to the new Eminem Rap God track especially.

image 16

Battery life was surprisingly good in my testing, even when adding in me constantly forgetting to turn the headset off. They will turn off after not having any audio input after a while to prevent you from completely killing them. Even with all of the battery life I wasted I only needed to change the battery every 1-2 days. Having a fully charged battery ready to go was great but trying to swap them out while in game without taking the headset off was a challenge.

The microphone performed well in TeamSpeak testing. My only complaint is with the angle the microphone comes out of the headset itself and with its flexibility. When you pull it straight out it actually aims up when you have the H Wireless on your head, putting the microphone up in your vision. Getting it to adjust down required a little fighting as well, hopefully the mic flexibility will get better over time.


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