The H Wireless’s packaging is similar to what I have seen from other SteelSeries products recently. They have stuck with the same simple black design but added the orange trimming to give it a little flair. On the front you have a photo of the headset and its controller/receiver. Up in the top right corner SteelSeries has listed all of the systems/platforms that the H Wireless will support, and it’s a long list. There is a lot more information on the H Wireless on the back of the box. Here you will find photos of the headphones and transmitter from every angle. Along with that you get a list of all of the cables that come with the H Wireless to get you hooked up to the various devices.

image 1

image 2

Inside both the top and bottom of the packaging is formed to fit the headset along with the transmitter. Up under it all there is a box packed completely full of cables and power plug adapters. With everything pulled out you can see that SteelSeries labeled everything to let you know what it is and what platform you will need to use it on. Considering how many cables the H Wireless comes with, this makes a huge difference. You will also see that they also include a second battery for the headset to go along with the battery already in the headphones.

image 3

image 5

image 6

Of course, you also get the standard SteelSeries sticker as well as a small user guide to help answer any questions you might have when hooking everything up.

image 4


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #33405 04 Dec 2013 13:33
You guys know what today is? It's hump day!

Along with that its also the day we get to take a first look at the new H Wireless from SteelSeries. Enjoy and have a great day

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