Overall and Final Verdict

All in all I think the Steelseries Flux In Ear headphones are a pretty good set of earbuds. Most of the complaints I had with them were less about what they are capable of and more about how they failed to live up to the standards that the Pro edition set. The audio quality was pretty good for most of the tests and the earbuds were actually pretty comfortable. The in line microphone controls were incredibly handy even though the microphone was only for use with mobile devices.  The no tangle cord was helpful, but not as helpful as the thicker cord on the Pro edition.  I really do think the In Ear is a nice pair of earbuds, but I feel like if you are willing to spend the $50 to buy them you should probably just go ahead and get the Pro Edition. The versatility it offers, as well as the better technology built in just makes it worth it in my eyes. These are better than the Gigabyte earbuds I reviewed previously, but I feel that the difference between those and these is much smaller than the difference between these and the Pro edition. That being said at $50 they are certainly cheaper to the golden standard of Apple In Ear Headphones and have all, if not more of the same features. I am going to put a recommend sticker on the Flux In Ear headphones because I feel that on their own they do a fine job, and they are cheaper than other similar earbuds, but I will end in saying that if you can afford the extra money, I would certainly suggest ugrading to the pro edition.

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