img_3125-lanoc-reviews-lanoc-reviews-smallWhen I went to CES this year at Las Vegas, NV,  I went into it knowing I would be the person to check out the stuff Wes couldn't make it to. While I was there, ifrogz was nice enough to meet up with me to show off some of their new headphones. I meet up with spoke with their Media Relations Specialist Ashley she showed me around to some products. I was impressed with their products and loved the ability to customize your own headphones in the Earpollution line. I was even more impressed when Ashley handed me a gift card to customize my own set. After getting back home and settled in I took a look at their website and decided to order a set of Fallout's.

Review Sample Provided by: iFrogz

Review by: Alex

Pictures by: Wes



Driver Unit: 40mm
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 120dB+/-3dB at 1KHz
Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 20 KHz
Cord Length: 1.2M
Plug: 3.5mm




The headphones come in a formed plastic package. Easily seen through the package, the headphones really stand out and look cool. The packaging wasn't as fancy as some headphones, but this was straight to the point. On the back of the package, it clearly states the specs of the Custom Fallout headphones. My only complaint would be how difficult it is to open the packaging; with it being sealed all of the way around you have to use a knife or box cutter to get to the headphones. This means that someone could cut themselves or the headphones while opening the packaging.




Even though we all know there are only four things to a good set of headphones (comfort, style, build quality, and sound quality), you will never get the same answer from two people.  In my opinion I need comfortable headphones and they must sound good, but my idea of comfortable might cause the next person amazing amounts of pain. The Custom Fallouts are very comfortable once I wore them more often. With any new headphones, I usually have to break them in. However, with the Fallouts they were comfortable from the start. The sound quality was good overall; I found them to lack a little bass but make up for it with crisp highs.





I talked earlier about the four requirements to a good headset (comfort, style, build quality, and sound quality).  I found the headphones comfortable and the sound quality good overall, check and check. The build quality is hard to judge, I did have one small issue. When I received the Fallouts it was very cold outside and the stickers on the headphones side panels slightly came up. I'm sure this was due to the temperatures, I hope it's a rare case (if your keeping track that's a half check on build quality). As for style, considering that iFrogz gives you the ability to fully customize your own set if you aren't happy with the styling it would be your own fault wouldn't it ;). With a set running $34.99 you really can't beat getting a custom set of headphones! Of course, you can get an even better deal with their Nervepipes, or even find custom ear bugs with the HYPE.


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