img_3204-lanoc-reviews-lanoc-reviews-smallRecently Razer has jumped into the Audio market in full force with a variety of headsets, speaker systems, and even a sound card (ok this has been out for a while but still). Obviously all of their products are geared towards the PC gaming community. One of their new products that stands out in the Moray, "Designed for gamers, the Razer Moray delivers immersive gaming audio or music on the go in a sleek, compact package." The Moray could be a more compact replacement for my Razer pro|tone m250's. If you're playing games while on the go or even looking to bring razer style along with you and your mp3 player make sure to check out how they performed for us.

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Review by: Wes

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Frequency response: 20 to 11000 Hz
Sound pressure level: 110 dB
Impedance: 17 ohms
Max rated input: 20 mW
Cable length: 1.3 m
Connector: 3.5 mm miniplug
Weight, including cable: 10.7 g
System Requirements: 3.5mm earphone-out mini-jack



I could literally sum up the Moray packaging by just saying "Razer". Whoever designs their packaging needs two or three more raises. With a typical panache, the Moray was showcased in a bright green plastic box making sure you can see everything needed without having to pull the product out. The back of the package includes the same description that is on the Razer website, a few product features, and a specification list. You also find a picture of the Moray along side of the included pouch.






As we have talked about before, sound performance is extremely subjective. Because of that, my review focuses on the comfort and physical features with a quick run-through of my opinion of sound quality.


As I've talked about before in other headset reviews, my personal preference is full size over the ear headphones. Testing out an in ear headphone was a change from the norm. Because of this, I was very impressed with the noise isolation the Moray gave me, even without music playing. I couldn't hear anything outside of the sound of my own breathing (OMG, do I normally make this much noise?!?). The three included earplugs as they call them make it easy to make sure the Moray fits in any sized ear. Speaking of fitting, once they are in they don't come out without you wanting them to come out. Even though they fit snuggly, you won't feel any pressure or discomfort while wearing them.


In headphones, all of the comfort in the world isn't worth a dime if the sound quality is terrible. The Moray has crisp full sound that is better than all of the earbuds I've used in the past. Of course, all of those ear buds were cheap and I've generally avoided them so my perspective is a little narrow. Comparing the Moray to my previously tested headsets I found them to lack a little low end (this is a given considering their size) and at high volumes they get a little bit sloppy. I believe that this is atleast partially due to the size constraints of a bud design.



Although the idea of stuffing earbuds into my ears isn't my idea of a good time on a Friday night, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance and comfort of the Moray's. The in-ear design made for great ear plugs even when my sound was turned off, meaning I was able to hear my games and music better without having to blast the volume. This was a good thing considering the sometimes-sloppy sound when the volume got to high. Other than lacking a little low range the Moray's sound quality was full and responsive. Considering that they are Razer product I would love to see a similar model made with an attached microphone, this would make gaming on the go much easier and compact. The included pouch makes a great place to pack the Moray's along with all of their accessories. It's also big enough to keep your IPod stored away with your headphones also. If you are in need of compact headphones and you have a slight Razer addiction as I do, then you should definitely check out the Moray.


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