CES is one of the biggest electronic's shows held here in the states and also is a big show internationally. I would like to walk you through a day of covering something like this so that you the reader can see what hard work everyone goes through to set up something like this. CES was held this year from January 10th-13th, 2012 and registration for this is done about 6 months out before getting to the footwork of covering the floor.

As press, I'm in charge of covering the floor and picking up meetings where our head reviewer/webmaster cant pick up with his busy schedule. With each website they do things differently, this is just what we do.

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I start my day out getting myself ready making sure I have all the necessary equipment needed, camera, pen, business cards, paper, etc. I also make sure I have comfortable shoes on because it is a ton of walking and standing. We stayed in Harrah's which is just a short walk away from the shuttle service of the Venetian, which this runs all day but be careful sometimes it takes longer then usual during busy hours. 

So once the shuttle drops off at the convention center is where the fun begins. Fighting through crowds and people who randomly stand in the way, it could take some time to get where you are going. With sercruity at the entrance ways, I show them my badge to begin the journey of seeking out the hot products and new items that these companies have brought for people to take a look at and whatnot.

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First day there I worked my way through North Hall where automotive and various audio/stereo companies were showing their products. One of my main articles is the booth babes of CES, and also getting general booth shots so this is my main focus then I go around slipping in and out of booths learning about products and so on. Interesting item of the day was that Sony had a small audio booth which displayed their systems in cars, home, and office areas. They had a car which the ladies I had been chatted said the worth $180,000 price tag, made completely out of carbon fiber and their stereo systems.

That night we go to one of many parties that are held during CES time. We go to show support for the companies that help us grow as a website.

Day two is a tad bit harder to get out of bed due to late night before but it can be done. Shuffling to the shuttle, I head back to the convention center to cover South Hall which is 4 quadrants. So there is a ton to cover and it took me two days to cover. There is just so much to cover in that hall. PC companies is the majority ,I would say, of the hall. There is also a Gaming Showcase and lounge area for press in this area also.

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After seeing the South Hall the most interesting thing would have to be the new tablet of Razer. This is an item in progress so it was amazing to see that they had a working model to show us when we swung by.

That night we hung out at two parties, cutting out early to go to the other party and also to go get some work done for that day.

Third day is harder then even to get up but I manage to do so to go do some more exploring. I decide to work on Central Hall and finish up South hall the next day. Central hall is where the TV manufactures set up their displays of TVs to amaze and aw us with the new technology. Big things here is this is the last year for Microsoft booth and keynotes which wont affect the show but it will impact some things maybe. Intel amazing us with a huge booth also, and the ESPN 3D booth, where I did watch part of a boxing match that was broadcasted on TV also. Things that were interesting were the Ultrabooks and the 4K TVs. 4K TVs are the new HD to HD TVs, and Ultrabooks are the thinnest laptop with high-end equipment. That night we had 2 more parties to show up for.

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The Final day of CES wasnt too bad to get up for. I had a few meetings, which is a nice change from the years before, its kinda nice to change pace sometimes. But the final day is the day people are packing up and everyone have kinda thinned out so its easier to get to booths and talk to people. Spend a few hours there, Wes went to everything he wanted to go to, and attempted to meet up with people he had not visited yet.

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Mission accomplished and we have survived yet another year of CES, looking forward for another wonderful year ahead of the website and the team.

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