Rennes, April 14, 2022 — Thrustmaster is thrilled to welcome a new member of its ESWAP family, with the launch of the brand-new ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER. Smaller than its predecessor ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER, the “S” version is a perfect fit for all hand sizes and gaming styles. Gone are the days of having to buy a whole new gamepad just because its mini-sticks are on their way out! Thanks to Hot-Swap technology, changing mini-sticks is a snap. Get ready to climb the rankings of your favorite games — with a wired gamepad that’s surgically precise and almost unbelievably responsive, plus officially licensed for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows. Designed for gamers looking to step up to the big leagues, ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER will give you the edge you need to triumph over your adversaries and join the ranks of the gaming elite.


RELOAD: Say goodbye to losing control because of an aging mini-stick that drifts! With T-MOD technology and the unique Hot-Swap feature, you can replace your mini-sticks instantly.

RESTART: There’s no need for a screwdriver or any other tools — it just takes a couple of seconds to swap out an old mini-stick for a new one. Get right back to your game before the next level finishes loading!

SUSTAIN: You’ll never need to buy a new gamepad just because its mini-sticks are worn out. Keep the same controller and just replace the mini-sticks when necessary, allowing you to maintain even extremely intense gameplay indefinitely.



Specially designed to help perfect your aim, ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER features optimized next-generation (NXG) analog mini-sticks, for enhanced precision and an extended lifespan of 2 million activations. Whatever happens, you’ll never be able to blame your gamepad — because it will never let you down!



Dominate in fights and master all your diagonal movements, thanks to a D-pad with 4 tact switches for fantastic responsiveness. Developed in conjunction with a renowned fighting games expert, you’ll be able to link up all of your combos incredibly easily — thanks to an ideal activation distance of just 0.02 inches / 0.45 mm.



You’ll definitely want to take advantage of the super-responsive clicks made possible by the controller’s tact switch buttons — which are 64% faster than standard membrane-based buttons (as evaluated in lab testing conditions), and rated for more than 5 million activations. Each button features a high-quality tact switch for next-level performance, with a satisfying “click” feel. Response times are close to zero, with the buttons’ activation distance reduced to 0.01 inches / 0.3 mm. Enjoy a better feeling of control, throughout long gaming sessions and over the long term.




The ThrustmapperX software lets you configure all of the settings you’ll ever want to adjust:

  • Create made-to-measure profiles, specifically designed for particular games or characters.
  • Map and remap as many buttons as you like.
  • Configure the sensitivity curve of the analog mini-sticks.
  • Change the shape of the curve for the dead zones on the analog mini-sticks.
  • Adjust the power of the vibrations for the controller’s handles and triggers.

On Xbox, ThrustmapperX appears directly in the console’s menu for quick and easy use.


Customize virtually every aspect of the gamepad — so that it’s a perfect fit for you, and nobody else!


  Commercial information


ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER will be available at a suggested retail price of £109.99 / $129.99 / €129.99 in the following regions: Europe / Asia / the Middle East / North America.

  • Preorders begin April 14, 2022.
  • Commercial availability begins April 28, 2022.



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