Fremont, CA (October 6, 2021) – ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) is proud to announce that the ROG Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR has been selected as the Official Display of The International 10 DOTA 2 Championships. Over the next 10 days, the world’s top DOTA 2 teams will compete in  Bucharest, Romania, for a grand prize of $15 million, out of an estimated $40 million crowdfunded prize pool.

Teams will be playing on the latest ROG Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR display, equipped with NVIDIA® G-SYNC® and NVIDIA Reflex technologies, delivering minimal latency, unparalleled motion clarity, and blistering speeds for the definitive DOTA 2 experience.

About ROG Swift 360Hz:
The ROG Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR offers a 360 Hz refresh rate with the ability to run graphic-intensive games at ease. Built with a 50% faster refresh rate over previous-generation 240 Hz displays and the latest NVIDIA G-SYNC, the PG259QNR allows gamers to pinpoint enemy positions and track movements with minimal frame rate fluctuations. 

The PG259QNR display also includes the ROG Desk Mount Kit, preventing desk clutter. The kit includes a C-clamp bracket that fits desks or tabletops up to 8 cm thick along with additional padding to protect most surfaces. 

Powered by NVIDIA® G-SYNC® and Reflex Technologies
The PG259QNR is powered by NVIDIA® G-SYNC Variable Overdrive technology, tuning the display panel’s response time and allowing optimized motion clarity at any frame rate.
Using the latest NVIDIA® Reflex latency-measurement technology, the ROG Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR delivers low system latency, allowing gamers optimal response time with in-game movements and actions.

Global TI10 Giveaway for Fans


To commemorate The International 10 DOTA 2 Championships, ROG will be running a global social media giveaway. All followers and fans can enter from October 6-12 via ASUS ROG social media platforms for a chance to win the Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR. One winner will be selected upon conclusion of the event.

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