May 11th, 2020, Taipei, Taiwan – MONTECH, an innovative PC components and peripherals brand, is proud to release the AIR 100 ARGB and AIR 100 Lite, MONTECH’s first compact Micro-ATX cases. A continuation of the AIR series DNA of exceptional cooling performance, MONTECH sets a new standard for Micro-ATX cases. Its dustproof and large front mesh panel, swivel-open tempered glass panel, and hardware compatibility make it ideal for users looking for an elegant compact case for building a high-performance system.

Quick-release magnetic front mesh panel

A large front panel with super fine mesh allows cool air to flow, ensuring the optimal heat dissipation of the components inside. With its magnetic quick-release mounting mechanism, removing the mesh panel for cleaning is easy.

Optimized Internal Layout

Pushing the limit of conventional Micro-ATX cases, the AIR 100 supports graphics cards up to 330mm (13”) in length and PSU’s up to 160mm in length. On the cooling end, the AIR 100 offers 161mm of CPU clearance and support for 240/280mm radiator at the front, or 240mm radiator on the top. In addition, pre-installed cable management loops and straps behind the motherboard tray keeps the case tidy.

Minimalistic and Functional Aesthetic

The AIR 100 features a toolless tempered glass panel, free of mounting holes for added structural strength, which can be swivelled open for ease of access to the internal components. Available in black and white, the white version includes a true all-white theme with matching components including fans and cable management straps.

RGB and No RGB

The white and black versions of the AIR 100 will come in an ARGB and non-LED options. While the AIR 100 ARGB version comes with four 120mm ARGB fans, a fan controller, and a 1-to-4 LED splitter cable, the AIR 100 Lite is equipped with two non-LED 120mm silent fans for those looking to build a classic build.

Available starting May 11th in the USA on Amazon and Newegg, the AIR 100 ARGB will have an MSRP of US$69.99 for the black version, and US$75.99 for the white version. The non-LED AIR 100 Lite, MSRP will be US$54.99 for the black version, and US$59.99 for the white version.

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