Helsinki, Finland, June 5th, 2018 – Basemark announced today it has established a wholly owned subsidiary in U.S. and already has local team supporting customers there. In addition to its strong customer base in semiconductor companies such as Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm, the company has made strong inroads to the automotive industry key players, particularly in the Detroit area.
Basemark has witnessed strong demand for its technology and services, especially in the automotive sector, which is undergoing a substantial transformation towards digitalization with increasing need for optimized graphics and compute performance in digital instrument clusters, autonomous driving, machine vision, augmented reality and other Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS). Basemark’s flagship product, Rocksolid Engine, accelerates the processing of both graphics and compute algorithms. In tightly resource constrained systems, such as many found in automotive, performance enhancements have been up to 10 times compared to the situation before.

“Not many consumers may realize it, but the majority of the cars bought this year and for the next few years, feature slower processors that were announced over 5 years ago, e.g. NXP i.MX 6. The demands from designers often times grossly overshoot the capability of the older graphics hardware. This is where graphics experts like Basemark come in. To get the car displays of today as well as the augmented reality displays of the future to work fluidly and without glitches, a company needs special embedded graphics performance expertise.” Said Anshel Sag, Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy
Buoyed by strong enterprise customer demand and robust financial performance, the company has scaled up its operations worldwide. Basemark posted solid revenue growth and positive net income financial results for its second full operational year in 2017. The company expects its global revenue growth rate accelerate from 30% in 2017 to over 80% in 2018 while maintaining positive net income.
Basemark is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, a well-known location for excellence in graphics and game development. Majority of the company’s personnel works in the Helsinki office while dedicated teams for various customers work in or near customer sites. All in all, the company now employs 40 people around the world.
About Basemark
Basemark Oy is a privately held stock corporation registered and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The company develops Rocksolid Engine, a world leading real-time graphics and compute software solution for mission critical industrial applications. Basemark also develops system performance evaluation tools such as Basemark GPU and Basemark Web 3.0 and offers professional software & design services across embedded, industrial and enterprise markets. For more information, please visit
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