One of the new names I’ve been seeing around the internet has been DREVO. They came out of no where this past year with both Keyboards and SSDs. Well if you hadn’t already seen, they have a new Kickstarter going for their latest keyboard, the BladeMaster. They have already more than doubled their original goal with almost 2 months still left on the campaign.

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When we say “programmable knob” to a keyboard, some people may think of it memorable. But DREVO seems like not making jokes to anyone as we can be really amazed how powerful this knob truly is. Physically, you can rotate the knob forward/backward or perform single/double-click operations, and each action can be mapped to a certain command of your choice. So, one knob is equal to four custom functions. Now you might be wondering, what are the commands that you can map it to? The answer to that is infinite, and it is made possible through DREVO’s in-house software which is bundled with the keyboard, that takes customizability to a whole new level.

Ultra Gaming Keyboard

As an ultimate gaming keyboard, no doubt how this genius-knob helps a gamer defeat others is the first context we are dying to know. Firstly we may need to know the 4 default functions are PageUp, PageDown, Home & End separately. Then when we enter "Key Settings" section via the DREVO’s universal software(DREVO Power Console or DPC), you can assign your wanted operations freely. Taking the example of PUBG, we can do it this way to get a much smoother gaming experience: Energy Drink - PageUp, Bandage - PageDown, First Aid Kit - Home, Painkiller - End. There are also some videos on our Kickstarter page for similar demonstrations.

Since the knob is located on the left-hand side, it solves the problem of switching hands between the mouse and keyboard for complex key combinations. This is especially difficult during tense gaming situations when the mouse requires total control and there is no choice but to let the opponent take over. With the BladeMaster’s programmable knob, this problem never arises. It is almost like a third hand which can do all the complex operations, while you can have complete control over the mouse to have an upper hand at all times.

Excellent Productivity Tool

Nobody in this world games throughout their life no matter how amazing their gaming keyboard is. So, a keyboard has to perform well in all scenarios to be an all-rounder. When it comes to office work, DREVO BladeMaster is an excellent productivity tool! Your basic needs like being fully compatible with Mac & PC are taken care of. Also, with the PRO version, you can connect up to three devices simultaneously and switch between them very easily. Besides, the more complicated functions you need to perform, the more helpful the BladeMaster becomes. If you are a programmer, you can just write a batch script and assign it to any key you want via software. At the end of the day, you will be surprised by the amount of customization available at your fingertips and realize how accessible everything is through our DPC software.

Top Tier Quality

All BladeMaster keyboards are manufactured in world-class factories that produce high-end models for big brands like SteelSeries and CoolerMaster. You will find that everything used for the BladeMaster is chosen from the best!


  • Flashlink Tech - Developed In-house, 2.4GHz Connectivity which brings you the fastest response in wireless gaming.(Available in the PRO version only)
  • Radi RGB - Powerful RGB lighting system with 360o light bands
  • DREVO Power Console - Full-fledged cloud software that goes everywhere you go
  • Onboard Memory - Use internal storage to save 3 custom settings without the need for additional software
  • TRI Mode Connectivity - Control up to three devices, with ultra-fast device switching.(Available in the PRO version only)
  • Programmable knob: Enables you to access any custom gaming function that you can imagine
  • Cherry MX RGB - Guaranteed over 50 million keystrokes per switch with no loss in quality.(Available in the PRO version only)
  • NKRO Enabled - N-key Rollover in USB mode for smooth gaming

DREVO BladeMaster PRO: 99 USD for early birds(limited: 600)

DREVO BladeMaster TE: 55 USD for early birds(limited: 600)

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