Fremont, CA (January 4, 2018) — ASUS introduced the first external graphics dock for laptops way back in 2007 with the original XG Station. Gaming was the initial focus, but GPUs are now widely used for much more productive pursuits. They’re adept at accelerating content creation like photo and video editing, and they’re essential for serious 3D modeling and CAD. The new ASUS XG Station Pro brings professionals the refinement you’d expect from our decade of experience with external GPUs.

ASUS XG Station Pro

Its sleek exterior hides high-end graphics cards inside a compact chassis that fits seamlessly into your space, while intelligent cooling keeps you running at top speed with minimal acoustic accompaniment. With support for the latest NVIDIA® and AMD graphics cards and featuring fast and convenient Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity, XG Station Pro enables a workstation-class experience when connected to a PC laptop or MacBook® and an external monitor without sacrificing mobility.

For a full design overview on the XG Station Pro and how it works, please visit us at Edge Up ASUS.

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