EK Water Blocks, the market leader in PC custom liquid cooling, is releasing additional aluminum water cooling parts for its new brand created for PC gamers called EK Fluid Gaming. Bringing the best price/performance ratio imaginable, EK Fluid Gaming is already becoming a number one choice for many gamers who want to join the ultimate liquid cooling club in the world!

Expansion packs and separate aluminum parts

By a popular demand, we are releasing the radiator expansion packs. EK-FG 120 Expansion Pack, EK-FG 240 Expansion Pack and EK-FG 360 Expansion Pack bring additional radiators, fans, and fittings for those who want to expand their existing Fluid Gaming kit or want to start with more radiator space from the beginning (140mm series radiators are coming later this year). With the release of the radiator expansion packs, we are also offering colored coolants, fittings and angled adapters for separate purchase. This brings, even more, customization options with every EK Fluid Gaming kit. Additionally, there are several other parts available to make your loop even more complete.

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