Today Asus launched their new Tinker Board in North America. This is one of those products that should be extremely exciting for some and baffling for others. If you have ever had any interest in a Raspberry Pi then you are most likely interested in the new Asus Tinker Board. For me I’m excited to see bigger names jumping into the market. Raspberry Pis have been all over the place powering small and large projects, being used as tiny servers, and used in robotics and other maker activities. The Tinker Board follows a very similar form factor, has built in Bluetooth and WiFi with a 1.8GHz Rockchip SoC quad core powering things.

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Features & Functionality

ASUS Tinker Board offers class-leading performance, robust multimedia support, IoT connectivity, and enhanced DIY design and compatibility with a wide range of leading SBC chassis and accessories. The result is a near credit card sized computer that offers people the freedom to tinker and apply their ingenuity to create platforms for a wide variety of uses.

Key features of Tinker Board include:

CPU: 1.8GHz Rockchip® RK3288 SoC quad-core processor

GPU: Mali-T764 GPU

Video: HD/UHD video playback support – including H.264/H.265 decoding

Audio: 192kHz/24-bit audio support

Memory: 2GB of dual-channel LPDDR3

Storage: Micro SD(TF) slot features SD 3.0 support

Connectivity: Bluetooth° 4.0 + EDR and on-board 802.11b/g/n WiFi

Networking: 1Gb Ethernet

Ports: (4) USB2.0 ports, (1) HDMI 1.4 out port, (1) 3.5mm audio jack

I/O Ports: (1) 40-pin GPIO interface header, (1) 15-pin MIPI DSI, (1) 15-pin MIPI CSI, (1) 2-pin contact point for PWM and S/PDIF signals

Power: Suggested 5V/2A AC adaptor via the micro-USB port (power adaptor not included)

OS: ASUS TinkerOS (Debian-based Linux) & Android Support

Dimensions/Weight: 85.60mm x 56mm x 21mm, 45g without included heatsink


ASUS Tinker Board is available now at Amazon and Micro Center with a suggested MSRP of $54.99. For additional information and support on this exciting new product, please visit our Tinker Board website at Tinker Your Way to the Future

Further product information is available at ASUS EdgeUp, on YouTube or via a downloadable FAQ

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