Logo SpeedlinkWeertzen, 14 February 2013 – Life really can be easy! Up to five devices can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth® to the new ATHERA Keyboard from SPEEDLINK®. A simple key combination lets users switch quickly between individual devices – say goodbye to the hassle of manually switching between PC, tablet and smartphone. The special highlight: the ATHERA is compatible with all popular operating systems and stores the connection to the partnered devices making it easy for this wireless all-rounder to switch between iOS®, Android® and Windows®.

Sound familiar: there’s a smartphone, notebook, tablet and other such devices on the desk and each one is demanding attention. With hands darting this way and that, you try to respond to every vibration, ring and flash, tending to each device accordingly. Thanks to the ATHERA, this chaotic situation is now a thing of the past. Connect your devices to the keyboard via Bluetooth® and you can start using the ATHERA straight away to input everything – and you can do that on the majority of popular operating systems whereby, for example, the Windows® key becomes the Command key on the Mac®. All it takes is a press of a key to switch between the connected devices at lightning-fast speed all without needing to enter any codes or configure long-winded system settings – you’ll soon forget what frantic means. Thanks to the twelve multimedia keys and the hotkeys, all popular operating systems can be controlled really easily as all the relevant special keys have been integrated. “The number of devices people carry with them nowadays is continually increasing”, explains Marketing Director Carsten Blaschnig. “With the new ATHERA, we want to give people back a certain amount of simplicity – precisely the simplicity they were searching for with these devices and all the convenience they promised, and all without the user having to do away with any of their devices. The idea of creating a keyboard with all-in-one functionality and greater typing comfort that meets the demands of the new mobile world has always been close to the heart of

SPEEDLINK®. As such, we’re very proud to present our new keyboard with all its functions as part of our broad portfolio of input devices.”

The new ATHERA also silences Bluetooth® critics. When powered by batteries, the keyboard can easily run for six months and the wireless technology has been repeatedly improved over a long period of testing. Boasting a wireless range of ten metres, even devices which are far away, such as a Media Center PC, can be controlled. What’s more, the high-quality scissor key technology allows users to type in comfort – and almost silently. Heavy typists will also enjoy using the keyboard thanks to its slimline, ergonomic shape and high-gloss finish. The new ATHERA Multi-Profile Keyboard is available from retailers now for €59.99 (RRP). Watch this video on SPEEDLINK’s official YouTube channel to see all the benefits of the new keyboard.

Facts (SL-7438-BK)

  • Wireless Bluetooth® keyboard
  • Cutting-edge Bluetooth® wireless technology for up to 10m of wireless freedom (maximum line-of-sight range)
  • Use up to five Bluetooth® devices in parallel
  • Rapid switching between devices directly using the keyboard
  • For PC, Mac®, iPad and tablet PC use
  • Supports Windows®, Mac OS®, iOS® and Android®
  • Additional cable (1.8 m) for USB-mode use on PCs without Bluetooth®
  • Low-profile keys with scissor technology for responsive keystrokes and maximum reliability
  • Full-size keyboard layout including arrow keys and numpad
  • Twelve practical multimedia functions plus hotkeys for assorted operating systems
  • Rubberised feet for non-slip grip
  • Integrated height-adjustment system
  • Up to 6 months’ battery life (batteries included (2 x AA))
  • Driverless installation
  • Dimensions: 472 × 144 × 27mm (W × D × H)

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