verizonFor many people tablets are great for Web browsing, downloading movies, gaming, and much more. But, actions including note-taking, photo editing and multitasking have proved challenging for some.

Following a trend started with the Galaxy Note II, the Galaxy Note® 10.1 features the advanced S Pen™ stylus. Business professionals can take notes during meetings with handwriting-to-text capabilities, and drawing tools to jot down plans. Notes can be saved and shared over 4G LTE with coworkers and clients.

Students can use the multiscreen feature to view two apps at once by splitting the screen. For example, users can read a news article while taking notes or watch a video while replying with feedback.

For photo editing, the Galaxy Note 10.1 runs Adobe® Photoshop® Touch. Combined with the S Pen, building visual effects, such as layering, blending and filters, can be used by designers to show drafts or mock-ups to potential clients. Users can combine and manipulate images creatively with the S Pen, then upload work to the cloud using 4G LTE to access their portfolio just about anywhere.

Watching television with a second screen has become second nature for many. For TV fans, the Galaxy Note 10.1 features the Smart Remote, powered by Peel, to turn the tablet into a universal remote control. The tablet can control an entire home entertainment system and even recommend programs.

The world looks to the International CES every year for new ideas and new innovations in the technology industry. It’s an opportunity to learn not only about the latest in consumer electronics, but to hear from leaders about their perspective on the industry, innovation and what’s ahead in the year to come. 

Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam will deliver a keynote address on Tuesday, Jan. 8, beginning at 4:30 p.m. PT. Networks and connected devices represent the backbone of innovation around the world, and McAdam will speak to how Verizon is driving this ecosystem. McAdam’s remarks will be streamed live at or follow @verizon on Twitter for updates.

Verizon has long had a presence at CES, announcing the first 10 consumer 4G LTE devices in 2011, as well as wide range of consumer multimedia entertainment products over the years. The company also has a strong presence on the show floor, and this year will highlight solutions from its Innovation Program ranging from video, telematics, consumer devices and smart accessories, to machine-to-machine solutions for industries, including healthcare, energy, and retail.  

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