image00208/13/2012- Cloud computing is inevitable, so many people use cloud computing technology even if they don’t fully understand the concept. There are three types of cloud computing, public, private/personal and hybrid cloud. Some might get confused with personal and private cloud concepts, in short a private cloud is often utilized by enterprises and usually is more complex and a personal cloud is often associated with personal use and is much easier to manage. Below, we’ll focus on the personal cloud as more and more users are opting for this technology, due to its convenience and easy management.

Benefits of personal cloud

  • Security is paramount
  • Built using your resources and data center
  • Better overall system flexibility
  • Sync data to the personal cloud

Secure your data

One reason personal cloud is making its way into the mainstream is because of the large protection that home and/or enterprise networks has to offer. Compared to the public cloud, personal cloud has more protection as the amount of people that has access to your vital data is limited. With paramount security available, users can implement and take advantage of personal cloud by accessing and sharing content via mobile device away from home. Another key feature about personal cloud security is its ability to carry on business process without security policies from the public cloud.

Utilizing own resources

Although personal cloud requires the user to provide the software and infrastructure, the benefits outweigh the negatives. Personal cloud does cost more in the long run compared to the public cloud. However, users are investing in something more than just a service and storage space over the cloud. Thecus® provides award winning NAS products that offer a great deal when it comes to cost vs. storage capacity. Setting up a personal cloud with Thecus® NAS is simply and cost effective.

Better overall flexibility

Thecus® offers great flexibility when it comes to personal cloud technology, mobile modules like T-OnTheGoallows for users to access and manage data on their personal cloud at anytime. Remote access is the key benefit when implementing a personal cloud, it’s more likely that users are traveling on day-to-day basis due to work or other obligations, and to carry your computer or storage devices along with you can be a major burden. With Thecus® personal cloud infrastructure and mobile applications, storing vital data on the cloud with paramount security provides flexibly and peace of mind.

In conclusion

The personal cloud requires for the user to supply the infrastructure and cover overhead cost, however the security and flexibility offered is worth it for those who worry about data hacks and issues. Usually personal cloud users are those who interact with top-secret information or government related occupations where data loss can make or break them. The good news is that Thecus® provides the infrastructure and mobile applications that can easily initiate personal cloud needs.

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