Nvidia introduced their latest beta drivers this morning. Promising performance inprovements from a few different games as well as what they are calling "user experience enhancements and a number of new NVIDIA Control Panel enhancements" for titles like Diablo 3. 

Furthermore, MSAA overrides Diablo 3’s post-process anti-aliasing blur, allowing you to see the game’s textures as designed by Blizzard’s artists. Specifically, focus on the Waypoint’s artistic flourishes and its shiny, specular edges that are now more vibrant. In motion the impact of this change is dramatic, and especially so in the later, more colorful chapters.

The dirver also includes new and updated 3d profiles and SLI profiles along with a few bug fixes as well. For those of you running Nvidia in your pc (like me), check out the link below to see the rest of the details and download the driver. 





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