1212011cIt may not be directly PC related, but I came across this and found it very interesting. Not only is it impressive that its a 100+ MPH RTR kit but the integration with iPods and iPhones is amazing. 

"The XO-1 is not a toy and is intended for use by experts only," says Traxxas, who warns that the XO-1 carries a risk of fire, injury or death! Further suggestions include operating the car only on a closed course, like a real racetrack or drag strip, where the XO-1 should be able to go 0-60 in just 2.3 seconds, on the way to its 100-mile-per-hour-plus top speed.

Check out the source like for more information and to see a few videos showing its performance and how you can see your speed on the fly using your iPod!

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