It never fails that after Apple releases a new and "revolutionary" device to the market, everyone else and their mom wants to follow-up and get a piece of that success. With the impending tablet onslaught, one has to wonder exactly how big the market is for tablets. Has everyone who wants one already gotten one? Will a lack of third-party development stifle any competitors from making headway into the market? 

LG's Optimus tablet that is better than the iPad is on its way, HP's WebOS based Tablet is slated (see what I did there?) for Q1 2011, and also there's MSI's Wind tablet, Blackberry's BlackPad, Apple's rumored 7-inch iPad.. I could go on all day with many more tablets -- who's going to come away with pockets bulging full of money, and who's going to come away with a cardboard sign and a plastic cup? Will netbooks be ruled irrelevant?

If the past is any indication (Imac all-in-ones, anyone?) we can expect that devices will be released from a myraid of others, with success measured only by teaspoons.

What're you looking forward to, and why?


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